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What is Smartsoil?

Our vision, mission and company ethos
At the heart of Smartsoil lies a passion to educate farmers and consumers of the integral role soil biology plays in creating resilient, integrated agricultural systems that work with nature to provide superior quality food, forage & fibre.

Filling multiple gaps in a blossoming green sector, Smartsoil creates high quality, independent media & education products built around key areas of importance within the Regenerative/Biological Agriculture industry. The key aim of this content is to create both consumer awareness & confidence through education + exposure to these types of farming methods and the benefits that come with it. 

Once the story of food gains market popularity they foresee this seeding a market demand for verifiable natural produce, creating a catalyst that gives rise to a new wave of ecosystem conscious farmers. The suite of Online education products is there to educate this next wave of regenerative land managers, and to support them through their transition.


Who is Smartsoil?

Meet the faces behind the vision. 

David Lewis Mackay

Director, Smartsoil

David Lewis Mackay is passionate about soil & the importance it holds for future generations. A serial eco entrepreneur, he started delving into the world of soil biology in 2015 and has been hooked on discovering its endless applications across global humanitarian & agricultural pain points ever since. In an attempt share the brilliance of this wonderful world underneath his feet with as many people as possible, he started Smartsoil in 2018 and continues to share his passion. 

Lindsay Henderson

Director, Smartsoil

Lindsay David Henderson grew up on a property in a small country town in rural mid-western New South Wales, forging a connection and deep appreciation for the earth and its laws from childhood. Walking the entrepreneurial path since 2016, he started his first company with Smartsoil business partner David out of their Busselton home, igniting a passion for creating conscious, ethical business driven toward making positive change.

Jack Mackay

Director, Smartsoil

Jack started his entrepreneurial journey at 21, after spending time helping his brother, Smartsoil Co-Founder David Lewis, build his first business’s and delve into the world of microbiology, he was inspired to help create something truly regenerative. Jack is the director of media within the company where his role is to create, capture and publish premium quality digital content.


Colin Seis

education partner

Colin Seis owns and runs a 2000 acre grain, sheep and kelpie enterprise in Gulgong, mid-western New South Wales which is all Pasture Cropped. Colin is the developer of this technique and has partnered with Smartsoil EDU to deliver a comprehensive Pasture Cropping online course. There are now estimated to be over 3 million acres around the world “Pasture Cropped” with Colin already on-boarding over 2000 farmers in Australia who are now known to be using these techniques successfully.

Regenerative Education
Boosts your farming Success

Regenerative Agriculture has continually proven to not only be as profitable as conventional agriculture, but also more resilient during tough times. With the current state of affairs on the planet, Regenerative Agriculture can lead the way forward. 

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