Get Pasture Cropping with Colin Seis!

SmartsoilEDU is an education platform designed to teach you the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of adopting more regenerative practices on your enterprise. 

Our first course with Colin Seis with teach you all you need to know about Pasture Cropping over 9 self paced chapters.

Enjoy loads of video content as well as a bunch of bonus material including studies and trials done on Pasture Cropping. 

Farmers studying with Smartsoil

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We have support programs tailored for every course to help you adapt and get the most out of your course. This comes in various forms including webinars, on-farm field days & direct access to teachers.

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Here you can find all of the recent course updates, FAQ's, forums and much more. Share your wins and losses, compare your enterprise and connect with likeminded farmers.

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