Our flagship course with Colin Seis is LIVE!

SmartsoilEDU is an education platform designed to teach you the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of adopting more regenerative practices on your enterprise. Our goal with these courses is to empower you with the knowledge & confidence you need to pursue positive change. SmartsoilEDU facilitates this information exchange and then links you to a support network via the “Over the Fence” social learning platform. 

Farmers up-skilling with Smartsoil

Ongoing support

We have support programs tailored for every course. This can be in various forms including webinars, on-farm field days & private questions

Social learning platform

Here you can find all of the recent course updates, FAQ's, forums and much more while getting involved in the conversation.

Life time access

Gain lifetime access to the courses you purchase. We're constantly updating the current courses as new information arises. You'll always have access to this new course information.